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A Guide To Framing

If you are thinking about taking up framing as a hobby, you might want to visit a framing store near Coral Springs for framing tips and expertise. If you are a beginner at framing, for important projects, such as a wedding gift, it would be wise to find custom framing near Coral Springs, Florida. Do-it-yourself framing is a fun-and-fulfilling activity. Unlike other hobbies, do-it-yourself framing results in the preservation of beautiful family pictures that are then displayed throughout your home. If you are going to attempt to frame your own displays, you will need to know photo matting and framing tips that are important to the framing process.

When it comes to picture framing, you will have to make four decisions before you are finished with the process. These four decisions are choosing the actual frame, the photo matting, the backing material, and the glass. The best quality frames are made of either metal or wood. Wooden frames tend to have a warmer and more inviting look. This warm, traditional look is perfect for pieces of art, such as a painting or a rich color photograph. Metal frames are best used for black-and-white photography and other modern media.

The next step is the most complex aspect of picture framing. You have to decide what mat board or photo matting should be used. The mat board is the material (white or colored) that is placed in between the picture or artwork and the glass. It creates airspace between the glass and the piece of work, preventing the two from sticking to each other. It also serves to create a smaller border between the frame and the artwork. This helps guide the viewer’s eyes into the piece being displayed.

Choosing a mounting board is typically simple and straightforward. Mounting board or foam board is the back of the frame to which the work is attached. Cardboard can be used as a mounting board, but it is not recommended. Cardboard is very acidic and therefore can quickly yellow the piece. High-quality mounting boards have a polystyrene core, bonded between two paper covers. They are designed as a smooth surface that resists warping and cuts cleanly.

The last step in framing is choosing the glazing or glass. The glass is the covering that protects and preserves everything inside the frame. Without glazing, the artwork will be exposed and vulnerable to any temperature and humidity changes.

Taking up framing as a hobby can result in a unique display of family pictures. If you are not familiar with the framing process, it might be wise to search custom framing near Coral Springs, Florida to find a professional framing store near Coral Springs.