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Bespoke Picture Frames

Bespoke means “made to order,” and stylized for a personalized touch. Bespoke picture frames for artwork are a way to customize your art or memorability to better fit your home. Custom frames for paintings or photos should be a reflection of the art itself, mirroring and complementing its presentation so visitors to your home will take note. Frames for artwork are also important because they preserve your art.

From dropped paintings to sunlight damage, artwork can face a life of damage and distress if it’s not protected. And frames have come a long way in the last several years because of the widespread availability of affordable preservative framing methods. So why delay? Bespoke picture frames will not only take your chic artwork to its aesthetic peak, they will also protect it so that the next generation will experience a Rembrandt—not a ruin.

While it may be tempting to buy a frame at a box store for those historic family photos, store-bought frames are less likely to have preservative matting, or UV-filtering glass to protect against sun damage. While the aesthetic value of custom framing compared to store-bought frames can be debated, the preservative qualities of professional frames can’t be denied. The same methods are used worldwide, from the Louvre to the Met, and keep priceless paintings safe for centuries. If you’re looking to keep a piece of art safe, custom framing is the way to go.

Custom framers can also help you frame irregularly sized photos and pieces of art. Custom-size picture frames can encompass any dimension of art, not just a standard 10 x 15cm photo print. For large, small, or odd-sized pieces of art, custom-size picture frames take the hunting and searching out of the equation. You won’t need to find a specific size of frame because it will be made especially for you.

Custom frames can also help you frame your own art, hobby, or memorabilia projects. If you’re into preservation of military or academic memorabilia or even a family photo collage, photo frames that are custom made provide a personalized touch. For hobbyists, framing will complete a project and make it stand out. Custom-made collage photo frames bring pieces of your life into stylish display, and tell a story akin to a slideshow.

If you’re a Florida resident, bespoke frames near Boca Raton are never far away. Local Ft. Lauderdale framers can accurately size up any art, tell you whether it’s a good idea to frame it, and give you recommendations for bespoke frames. Near Boca Raton, bespoke frames made by custom framers are always nearby, whether you want to frame a Picasso or a personal memento. For Boca Raton bespoke frames, call local custom framing experts.