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Best Way to Frame Art

It is imperative that you take care your artwork and paintings. When framing your art, you should consider what type of frame you are using, and if it complements your artwork. Here are the best ways to frame art, and if you are looking for a framing shop, Coral Springs is where you should start.

Custom, Traditional and Decorative Frames

If you are looking for high-quality art frames, Coral Springs has some of the best framing shops available. It should be your first step in search for the perfect art frames. At a framing shop, Coral Springs can offer you the chance to frame art using custom, traditional or decorative frames.

With custom frames, you can work with an expert framer who will design a frame to your specifications, whether you have a traditional oil painting or a sculpture that you want preserved. Most of these frames are traditionally made with wood, however, other materials such as silver, bronze, aluminum, and plastics can be used. You can even implement your own designs into the frame.

Traditional frames are great for those who want to display their artwork, but do not want anything distracting it. They are usually plain picture frames meant to hold art. Even though traditional frames are meant only to hang and display artwork, they can come in several different sizes. The most common shape for a frame is a square or rectangle, but some are circular, oval, and custom sizes.

Decorative frames are some of the most elaborate frames you can buy, and are the type of frames you would find in a museum. These museum-grade frames are made with extravagant moldings to complement the artwork. Using a technique called gilding, a professional framer will apply a gold leaf or powder to a wooden or metal frame. This gives the frame a thin coat of gold that can be shaped and molded. The look and feel of this type of frame brings attention to the artwork.

Frame Art for a Spectacular Display

As an artist, you have variety of options when it comes to art frames. Coral Springs will have plenty of framing shops and professionals that can help you frame art. Custom art frames work best if you are trying to frame any unorthodox type of artwork, like sculptures or abstract art, as they can be put in a frame with a glass case. Traditional frames complement contemporary art with its simplistic design. Lastly decorative frames work well with oil paintings. Contact some of the best framing shops in Florida to start displaying your unique works of art.