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Cheap Prices for Custom Frames

If you need a piece of art or a photo preserved, but don’t have a lot of money for custom framing, affordable options are available for those who might be concerned about the high cost of framing art. From a glamorous golden frame to high-end custom picture matting, framing shops offer all kinds of expensive options that can add up quickly. However, choosing options that aren’t ostentatious, as well as knowing the value and fragility of your art, can help.

If you’re trying to preserve an 18th century portrait, for example, you’d need high-quality, acid-free matting that would keep your piece of art safe for centuries of family ownership. The cost of framing art can seem high, but it’s like any other expensive piece of furniture or well-crafted leather boot—with every custom frame, costs are high partly because they are meant to last. If you consider the price of framing, compared to the lifespan of the work of art, custom frame costs come more readily into perspective.

If you’re looking for high-quality frames for big pieces that need custom framing, inexpensive options are few and far between, and a great frame can cost up to four or five hundred dollars. This cost includes the price of museum-quality, custom-picture matting, consulting about the presentation, materials, and of course, craftsmanship. Museum-quality framing glass, which can be either shatter-resistant real glass or acrylic glass, also brings up framing prices. But if you have a piece that needs preservation, the longer life for your beloved family masterpiece comes with a higher cost.

However, you don’t always need high-end framing. If you’re framing something that you don’t expect to have up on your wall for a long time, museum-quality framing, which is designed to extend the lifetime of important art, is probably unnecessary. Instead, more cost effective materials can be used, which don’t extend the lifetime of your artwork, and are instead oriented towards presenting it.

For those living in Florida and looking for a customized frame in Boca Raton, great options for both affordable and preservative framing are available. A cheap custom picture frame, near Ft. Lauderdale or elsewhere, is easy to come by if you already know what kind of frame you want. Don’t let someone convince you that you need a museum-quality frame for a piece you expect to keep only for five to ten years when it’s easy to get a cheap custom picture frame near Ft. Lauderdale. If you’re looking into getting a customized frame in Boca Raton or elsewhere in Florida, you’re on the right path. It’s the best way to preserve your art for many generations and owners to come.