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Collecting and Framing Artwork

It takes a lot to be a really good collector of fine arts. You need the skill and expertise to be able to pick from the cream of the crop, to decipher which pieces of work are truly worthy of being a part of your collection. However, have you earned the right to call yourself an art aficionado? If you are sure, then check out our list. See if you are truly an expert at collecting artwork.

Traits of an Expert Art Collector

Anybody can buy art. However, a collector knows that it takes more than just buying a few pieces that spark your interest. In order to be a master at your craft, it takes a bit more work. So, here are the traits that most renown collectors carry.

  • Research – Every piece has a meaning, a style, a date, and an artist. Art collectors do extensive research before buying any pieces of artwork. They collect only the finest works of art and the right ones to shape their collection. This also ensures that they are knowledgeable about their collection. Who can truly call themselves a collector if they don’t know the history of their showcase?
  • Forming Your Collection – If you’re are a so-called collector then your collection needs a theme. Does every painting belong to the same artist? Are you grouping pieces based on the periods they were created and location? A collection isn’t random. It needs to have meaning to it. Only then will spectator respect your work.
  • Being a Trendsetter – What truly makes one an expert at collecting artwork is their ability to determine trends in the art world before they begin. This makes them a trendsetter. Being able to spot where people’s interest lie can give you the inspiration to start a new collection and capitalize on the movements of the art world.
  • Move at Your Own Flow – While all collectors are out for rare and fascinating pieces of work, there is one thing that separates the best from everybody else. Collect what you like. Most of the time, this is what it takes to be a trendsetter. Forming a collection based on your interest creates something wholly unique. For example, you may be interested in new and upcoming artists or forming a collection of street art. True art collectors are satisfied with that they collect.
  • Framing Artwork – What would be the point of collecting great pieces of work, if you are only going to store them in a closet? No, great art collectors show off their work. That’s why framing them is so important. A frame compliments your art and can set the tone of your collection. Part of collecting artwork means finding the right framing shop. Most carry everything from modern to traditional frames. Basically, whatever your collection desires.