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Contemporary Frames

For photos and paintings in modern houses, big wood frames can seem clunky and out of place. Contemporary frames which fit with modern décor are a must for modern homeowners who want to keep the aesthetics of their abode consistent. Metal and glass photo frames are options for modern custom frames, which range from minimalist to extravagant and can highlight a hanging on any wall.

Contemporary frames mean a chic look for a kitchen, living room or anything in between. Frames are meant to be the final touch on a piece of artwork that will set it off, helping to attract the eye. Wall art does the same for any room. Plain, or stained, glass photo frames that are creatively used provide clean lines and, with certain frames, a sense that a picture is floating. Frames for pictures are often ignored or given little thought, but they're a big part of how that picture of your loved one fits into a room. They can make a picture either grating or gratifying to look at, which is why modern custom frames can help your most precious memories stay pleasant.

The other consideration is, of course, what kind of art are you hanging? A 19th century family portrait that needs a replacement frame is a much different situation than a modernist painting, and needs to be framed with this in mind. What are the color schemes of the piece you’re hanging? A landscape heavy in washed out blue or green tones would look strange when framed with a bright red matt border and a pink frame. The frame shouldn’t take away from the artwork itself, but complement it. Landscapes framed in wood are an excellent example of matching themes and tones, but same-with-same isn’t always the right answer either. That’s why framing experts are the right people to consult. Framers can give you great advice on how to frame your contemporary art and photography, setting it off from the wall while not being thematically or tonally repetitive.

If you’re looking for frames for pictures, paintings, or mirror frames near Coral Springs or elsewhere in Florida, there are great framing shops to choose from. In Coral Springs, picture frame experts can help you pick out the frame that will keep your artwork close to your heart. From printing artwork on canvass to final hanging, Coral Springs framers are at your service for virtually any part of the process. For custom painting or mirror frames near Coral Springs, picture frames or framing memorabilia, give local framing shops a call.