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Designing a Frame For an Art Installation

Framing services in Coral Springs, FL include specialized work for art installations and shows. These events often require custom art frame designs, considering some shows require the work to be ready-to-hang. There are thousands of frame styles to choose from when you’re designing a frame for an art installation; skip the traditional styles and go with something that will highlight your piece as well as meet any standards the show requires. Using custom art installation frames as opposed to mass-produced frames will make your piece look worlds different. Suddenly there is something else to look at, to bring out the colors or the depth of your work. Framing services in Coral Springs, FL will have your piece back to you in no time, ready to be hung and displayed among the best at the art show of your choosing.

Make sure you are using the best Coral Springs, FL framing shop. Experts at the best shop will take precise measurements and build the frame around your piece instead of the other way around. These framers use the best materials, ensuring the frame stands up against any wear and tear, and it will be secure once it’s mounted on the wall. You’ll be able to move it without damaging the frame or the piece.

For the gallery

Art installation frames go beyond four sides and glass. A gallery requires different sizes, styles, materials, and display options to be used in any type of installation. There may even be a theme to follow. Designing a frame for an art installation with a theme doesn’t mean every one will be the same, but there will be a thread connecting each piece being displayed and that extends to the frames as well. The pieces need to be protected and preserved, so designing a frame for an art installation is a big job.

Luckily, a Coral Springs, FL Framing shop is up to the challenge. These experts have been in the business for a long time and they’ve seen everything from classic paintings to more modern, personalized works. Their services include some of the best art installation frames you’ll find in the state of Florida as well as the latest installation techniques, making them the obvious choice for any of your framing needs. You’ll be glad to see your piece hung in a gallery or an art show and you’ll be thankful you called the best experts in Coral Springs.