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Coral Springs: Picture Framing Glass

How do you protect your artwork, pictures, photos, or prints from any damage? You invest in picture framing glass. Picture framing glass is a great way to showcase any item you want displayed. They also provide a protective barrier between what is being framed and anything that might damage it. Find out the benefits owning a frame with protective glass and what types of glass can be used to protect your work.

Benefits of Protective Glass

One of the coolest aspects of using protective glass with your custom frame that it gives whatever item you are displaying museum quality. Behind the shiny glass sits your painting or collectible item, preserved for everyone to see. It’s perfect for displaying artwork at public exhibitions or for your own personal collection.

The most important aspect of using protective glass is that is keeps your painting, pictures, collectables, or prints safe. For example, oil paintings can be especially fragile. They can be damaged by light, heat, humidity, dust, and dirt. They expand at temperatures over 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This will cause cracks in the painting and some pieces will even flak away. Some of the best picture framing glass will keep your artwork safe from the elements.

Types of Framing Glass

Regular glass used to protect watercolors, artwork, or rare oil paintings are commonly known as Soda lime glass. This type of glass is cheap and widely used, accounting for about 90% of manufactured glass. It can be very reflective; meaning the light from the outside might obscure whatever item is behind it. However, an anti-glare treatment can take care of that issue. This makes it the best picture framing choice for oil painting and pastels.

Another type of glass is acrylic, which is more commonly known as Plexiglas. Acrylic glass is naturally light weight, making it easy to move around. One drawback is that it has a high light transmission, which means that very little light is absorbed and passes through the glass. It is not particularly great for oil paintings and pastels. However, what makes this type of glass special is that it is shatter-resistant. It is the perfect type of glass for collectible objects and protection.

Choosing a Mizner Park Framing Service

Looking for the best picture framing service in Coral Springs? Then come down to Frame-It Plus. Custom frames are available on request. This Coral Springs framing service specializes in creating custom frames with a protective glass casing. That includes shadow boxes and Plexiglas cases.

If you live near Coral Springs, custom frames by Frame-It Plus are not too far away. Come down to 10637 Wiles Road in Coral Springs and ask the experts at this framing service for help choosing the right protective framing glass.