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Do You Want to Frame a Sports Jersey?

As a fan, jerseys are something to treasure whether you’re wearing it at the game or looking to preserve a signature. The colors and logo bring back amazing memories of the team and the player doing almost superhuman things to win the game. The jersey isn’t something that should be packed way in the closet. Instead, show it off with a Coral Springs, FL custom framing job. These experts will be able to put together a custom frame big enough for a jersey and anything else you’d like to display with it, like player cards or photos. Professional framing stores in Coral Springs, FL offer custom framing services, complete with a perfect fold for the jersey.

Since sports jerseys eventually become collectibles, they will be worth some money down the line. When a player retires, their authentic jerseys can triple in value. That means you need to figure out a way to preserve and protect it. The answer is to steer clear of any mass-produced frames or supplies. Instead, trust framing stores in Coral Springs, FL with the job.

First of all, consider the way the jersey will look because the layout and folding is important. For those wondering how to frame a jersey, part of the confusion stems from wondering how people get their displays to look so completely perfect. Framers are able to make sure the jersey is wrinkle-free, fold it, and affix it to the mat board. They’ll make it look good, along with anything else you want to include in the frame.

You should also consider the type of frame you want. Is it a traditional flat frame or a shadow box? While there are advantages to both, the shadow box allows you to customize the display a little more. Include a signed baseball with the pitcher’s jersey you’ve collected, for example. With the type of frame, you’ll also need to choose the materials. It’s important to choose matting, molding, and frame materials carefully because the displays need to preserve and protect the jerseys in addition to showing them off. You can also consider mounting the jersey so there’s no reason to use thumbtacks, staples, or tape, all of which can ruin the fabric. 

When framing a jersey, don’t settle for a service that’s less than the best. A Coral Springs, FL custom framing shop will be able to get the job done effectively and with amazing results. Deciding to frame a sports jersey guarantees the colors will stay rich and vibrant, and that the fabric will remain undamaged over time. Never worry about how to frame a jersey when you can use the best professional framing services.