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Why Framed Items Makes the Perfect Gift

Choosing the right gift can be an ordeal, especially if you want it to be meaningful. You could just go to a store and buy any trivial present, but it doesn’t exactly speak from the heart. You have to be more creative than that. And when it comes to giving that special someone a gift, you are going to want to try your hardest to give them something they will genuinely like. We suggest giving a framed item as a special present.

What Makes a Framed Item Such a Great Gift?

We know what you are thinking. Why frame something as a gift? Well, it is what is inside the frame that matters. The frame itself just shows that you put enough love and care into preparing and protecting the present.

A frame compliments whatever item is inside, especially a custom-made frame. Creating a custom frame shows the amount of thought you put into a gift. It also shows off that creative side you have been hiding this whole time. Nothing makes a better gift than something that makes someone go “Wow.”

What Type of Items Can I Frame?

There are plenty of personal items you can put into a frame. Here is a list of some of the best framed items that we think make great gifts.

Photos – Do you have photos of embarrassing moments, memorable events, or friends? Photos always make a great gift. And what’s a photo without a frame? Be creative with your frame, and the photo will make the perfect present.

Memorabilia – T-shirts, sports jerseys, and other memorabilia can be framed as well. If you know sports fanatic, or a collector of sorts, then this will make a great addition to their home. You can even frame items like footballs, autographed pictures, antiques, and so much more in shadow box frame. These frames provide depth, going beyond the standard two dimensions of a normal casing, making it suitable for one’s home.

Diplomas and Other Accolades – If someone have just reached an achievement in their life, then congratulations are in order! Framing any reward for someone else is a great idea for a gift. It shows that you are proud of them and want to show it. If you have recently married the love of your life, why not frame the wedding certificate as a present from you to them?

Head down a local framing shop, bring whatever you plan to give that special someone, and have it framed. Professional framers can help you with custom designs, and to find right way to frame an item just the way you want it.