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Framing Collectibles in Coral Springs

For many people, obtaining collectibles is a most-satisfying endeavor. If you happen to be one of these people, then you will want to showcase all of your prized possessions. If you are a resident of Florida, you should visit a shop like Frame-It Plus, where they take care of sports memorabilia framing and framing collectibles in Coral Springs. It’s time to learn about what kind of framing services Coral Springs can offer you.

Shadow-Box Frame

The best solution for sports memorabilia framing is a shadow-box frame. Shadow boxing is the standard for framing memorabilia. This type of display frame is perfect for your collectible baseball cards, sports jerseys, equipment, and other type of memorabilia.

A shadow-box frame is a display with a frame and a glass-front case. This type of display works so well because it can be customized for any item. No matter the item’s size or depth, a framing shop will shape the box to that size.

The best part is that a framing service will meticulously arrange the items in the box in spectacular fashion for a dramatic visual effect. This is perfect for hobbyists who want to showcase their collections to friends and visitors. It is certainly better than pulling your prize possessions out of a dusty old box in the closet whenever you want to show them to people.

A shadow box also works for regular collectibles. Dolls, action figures, comic books, antiques, and other collectible items can be perfectly preserved within this type of display frame. For comic collectors, a single issue of a popular series will increase in value over time. A shadow box is the perfect casing for keeping your comic books well preserved and safe. This hold true for all collectible items that you might need protected from wear and tear.

Looking for Framing Services? Coral Springs Is the Answer

If you are looking for framing services, Coral Springs has one of the best shops in Florida. Start framing collectibles in Coral Springs by calling Frame-It Plus. Our expert framers are more than familiar with the art of shadow-box framing. We’ll design your shadow box exactly how you want it. No item is too big, too small, or too strange. We’ve shadow-boxed everything from jerseys and awards to autographed items and full-sized medieval claymores. When you are ready to showcase your awesome collectibles, contact us for a consultation.