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Framing History

A guy walks into an Egyptian tomb in the 2nd century and says, “You know, we really need to find something to cover up the edges of this mummy portrait…”

It doesn’t have a punchline, because that’s roughly the beginning of the history of framing. Remains of frames have been found attached to fayum mummy portraits made during that time period. This has led to the theory that these portraits may have been hung in owner’s homes prior to inclusion within the tomb.

Okay, fine. One of the workers turns to the guy and says, “I’m pretty wrapped up in this sarcophagus.”

Frames have been around a long time, almost as long as bad jokes. The history of framing begins when painted frames were used to separate frames in Egyptian and other ancient forms of art on walls and other flat surfaces. Fine art framing has been popular ever since, decorating paintings from the Italian Renaissance, generally in church-commissioned paintings and other fine art. Framing then spread to noble familiar like the Medici, who commissioned allegorical, devotional and portrait paintings.

In France, art came to the forefront of daily life, at least for noble families, in the reign of Francis I, which took place from 1515 to 1547. Frames began to be built by furniture makers in this period, instead of the artist doing the fine art. Framing continues to be a popular art display technique, and was put into use for photographs and posters after their development in the 20th century.

Although framing has branched into metals and other materials, the concept remains the same. Museum grade framing began when preservation of important artwork became an important cultural goal. Though museums have existed since 500 B.C.E., professional art conservation began in the 20th century, whereas before artists were generally called upon to repair art.

The technology for museum grade framing has also advanced, enabling frames that instead of just decorating preserve and protect antique art. Framing’s uses have expanded, in other words. Antique art framing is popular when the piece of art is fragile, and should be preserved with care. For art dealers and collectors in Coral Springs, antiques framing is an important resource.

If you’re looking for art preservation in Coral Spring, antique framing is a serious consideration. Local options for art framing in Coral Springs present options for art collectors of all types to keep what they love in good condition. Local options are best if you wish to walk along with the process while it is being done. Art framing in Coral Springs is easily available and convenient for collectors and those who wish to keep their work close.