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Museum Framing

When framing paintings you'd like to preserve, museum quality framing is what you want. A museum quality art frame keeps your prized painting or family memorabilia safe from the elements and will keep paint from fading and moisture from ruining valuable art.

But many shops don’t do museum grade framing correctly. Framers often use glass that doesn’t protect against UV damage. Anyone who’s gotten a sunburn knows UV light can be very destructive over a long period of time, and that includes pigments in paintings. Museum quality painting frames with UV glass act like sunscreen, filtering out the harmful elements in sunlight that will age your art. Frames should also include acid-free framing materials. Framing paintings with matt or other components that will leach acid over time risks acid burn to the item being framed, and can ruin irreplaceable treasures.

Painting frames that are museum quality generally also have glass that doesn’t reflect glare. This allows for the cleanest viewing of the artwork behind it. Acrylic glass is also popular, as it scratches, but will not shatter upon impact or damage. This means that if a painting is dropped, the glass will not shatter and damage the painting. Frames that are museum quality protect some of the most valuable and cherished artwork in the world. Shouldn’t it protect your valuable pieces?

Whether it’s an art deco masterpiece or a medieval mosaic, framing your favorite art to preserve it for the long term means you might never have to frame it again. But it will also mean that you don’t have to go looking for more art to fill your walls. And why do that? You probably already have great pieces that you want to share, and they should stay safe, displayed and honored in great frames which will protect them from harm and painful replacement.

If you’re looking for the perfect frames, art framing service near Coral Springs can help you protect your favorite paintings and photographs with frames. Art should be an integral part of any home — adorning vacant walls and increasing the aesthetic pleasure of the place you spend much of your time. Art should speak to your passions and interests, and give visitors something to marvel at while you take your time getting ready for that soiree in Coral Springs. Frame stores have experts who can advise you on how to turn your home into a work of art, and can also help you hang your piece as part of your framing service. Near Coral Springs, frame stores offer great opportunities for you to maximize your favorite room or your favorite piece of art.