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Order and design custom frames

In Coral Springs, custom framing is something that will accentuate your art. The frames can be as simple or ornate as you’d like, providing you are happy with the way it looks around the art. When you order custom frames in Coral Springs, consider the following things as you are designing the frame and making your choices. There are four main choices: the frame, mat, mounting board, and glass. The frame is the most fun to choose and design, particularly since you can have quite a bit of input.

First, you can choose the frame material. Most custom art frames are either metal or wood. There are advantages to each type and you should make the decision based on where you want to hang the piece, the type of art you’re displaying, and the longevity you want the frame to have over the years. A metal frame has a more modern look while the wooden frames are more traditional with varied moldings.

The next decision is the mat boards. This is placed between the art itself and the glass so they don’t stick to each other, damaging the art if you are replacing the frame or putting something else in it down the line. It also adds depth, making the piece a little more interesting. Custom art frames allow you to select the grade of the mat. Decorative, select and ragmat are the three common types to choose from and each has different characteristics. You can also decide how many mats you want layered inside of the frame, as well as what you want them to look like.

The mounting board is the next choice you’ll have to make when you want to design custom frames. The mounting board is the back of the frame that keeps the art in the frame. Some have pulp acid, some are acid free, and some have a self-adhesive side. These are fairly straightforward and framing experts will be able to help you figure out the difference. Glazing is the next decision, and this comes in a few types, each designed to accomplish a different goal. A Coral Springs custom framing shop sells different types, so go over your options with an expert. 

It might seem like there is a lot that goes into figuring out what you want in your custom frames and that it can be a little overwhelming, but know that the experts will walk you through each step of the process to make sure you get what you want. You’ll be more than happy with the final product, hanging your custom art frames in your home proudly.