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Professional Frames for Your Medical Practice

It’s a known precedent that framing artwork, photographs, licenses, or a piece of certification give off a sense of authority and commitment. We frame the things we take pride in, and a medical practice deserves to show its patients how dedicated they are to providing their professional healthcare services. At Frame It Plus, we offer a high-quality selection of custom frames to display your medical professional licenses and certifications.

Why You Should Be Framing Your Photographs, Certifications, and Diplomas

  • Be Memorable – As children, most of us hated going to the doctor or dentist’s office. But we also remember staring at a particularly interesting or humorous framed poster or piece of artwork while we sat in the waiting room, the memory of which sticks with us today.
    Unfortunately, what also sticks with us today is the dread of doctor’s appointments. Framing funny or attention-grabbing artwork makes your practice memorable for patients of all ages, and can also serve as a conversation piece.
  • Show Off Your Team – A medical practice runs on the teamwork of your receptionists, nurses, and possibly other physicians, therapists, or dentists. Show your gratitude for their hard work but not only framing your own certifications but also their diplomas and licenses alongside them. This gesture has the ability to boost workplace morale, and well as facilitate better collaboration as a result.
  • Be a Patient-Oriented Practice - You’re probably wondering, what does being a patient-oriented practice mean? Aren’t all medical practices patient-oriented, since everything that we do is for patients? Patients care about the quality of interpersonal interactions when they visit your office. A medical professional’s bedside manner is just as important as their treatment expertise – after all, isn’t the goal of your practice to make patients’ lives easier and make them as comfortable as possible? Framed photographs of long-time patients with doctors, as well as medical certificates on the walls, gives patients a sense of security, and ultimately, make your practice feel more secure.
  • Add Pizzazz to Your Walls – What does a practice with bare walls say about you? It doesn’t tell your patients anything about the quality of service they should expect from you, and it certainly doesn’t inform them about the medical professionals within your practice. Framed photographs, diplomas, and certifications tell a story, and sometimes even spark curiosity. These framed objects aren’t just for show – they can sometimes even be conversations starters, facilitating more personal doctor-patient communication and discussion.
  • Create a Sense of Community – When patients have been with your practice for a long time, whether it’s for their annual check-up or extended treatment, it’s always a good idea to show appreciation for your patients. Framing photographs of happy patients with doctors who have helped them immensely over the years build an invaluable sense of community among patients and physicians.

When it comes to providing your practice with professionally framed photographs and certifications, there should be no hesitation. If you need help choosing a frame or deciding how to frame your medical practice’s photos and diplomas, drop us a line! Our knowledgeable representatives would love to assist you.