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Traits of a Quality Framing Service

Everyone puts on their own showcase, whether they know it or not. Artist have showcases to display the newest work. Art collectors reserve space in their homes for the famous works that they have obtained. Even everyday people make their homes a showcase when they hang photos and decorative mirrors on the wall.

Whether you are an artist, art collector, or average Joe, you are going to need a quality framing service. A professional framing service should have exceptional gallery framing experience. So, how can you tell if a certain framing business is qualified? Frame-It Plus is here to help. As a framing business, we strive for quality, and these are the traits that we believe every professional framing service should have.

Knows Their Art

Anybody can sell frames, but do they have their finger on the pulse of the art world? This is a rare trait to find among framing services. For example, at Frame-It Plus we collect and sell plenty of new and interesting artwork. We even have our own consultants that can help customers and collectors find the type of art they desire and the perfect frame for it.

Supports All Forms of Art

Paintings are classics. However, they are not the only type of art out in world. In fact, many collectors assemble more than just paintings. Some collect memorabilia, statues, and sculptures. They need some way to display those as well, right? Of course, they do. That’s why an expert framing service offers shadow and acrylic boxes.

A shadow box is a frame with depth. It’s great for memorabilia like jerseys, medals, awards, and baseball cards. It even has a glass display that keeps ultraviolet ray out so your collection is not damaged. Acrylic glass boxes are display cases made out of acrylic, a shatter-resistant substitute for glass. These are display cases that are surrounded by acrylic glass on all sides, allowing you to see whatever object you put into it from every angle.

Offers Standard Services

Last but not least, every quality framing service should be able to offer the basics. That means supplying you with custom mirrors, traditional and museum-grade framing, and custom frames. These are standard for a professional framing service. Every artist needs the right frame to complement their work and for many people, mirrors act as decorative art. The right cut mirror can set the tone of how your home looks.

These are some of the traits that we at Frame-It Plus are proud of. So, if you are ever in South Florida, near Heron Bay, then come down to Frame-It Plus. We’ll be happy to show you our custom frames. You might even be able to find a piece of art to take home with you.