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UnusuallySized Frames

If you have an unusual-sized object you’d like to get framed, there are few options other than custom-sized photo frames. Picture frames that are made to order focus on presenting your art in the very best way possible, whether it’s a piece of memorabilia or a modernist interpretation. Frame sizes can range widely, from irregular angles to giant frames that make wall-sized paintings pop, and finding premade frames for odd-sized pieces can be difficult, which is why custom-sized photo frames are so important.

For pieces you might want to accent with a softer touch, like paintings of natural scenes, portraits of children and animals, or scenes of traditional life, personalized wooden picture frames with custom sizing can beautifully bring out an engrained, natural look. The rustic, warm feel of wood is one of the best ways to bring out scenes from times past—it echoes classic American homes and the vast wooded expanses of East Coast colonial America.

Personalized wooden picture frames look great next to that picture window looking out over a back yard, or on an office desk. They’re great in both traditional and more-modern homes, depending on whether you’ve gotten your picture frames made to order in a particular style.

But metal is also a great material, and often gives a sleek and businesslike appearance. Metal frames are ideal for industrial scenes, and are often used for photos, if they are standard sized. However, if you‘re having trouble finding a metal frame that is the right size for your piece, custom frames can be made with metal, too. Metal frames are less likely to be damaged if dropped, and have stood the test of time in most situations. From industrial paintings of coal-producing Pennsylvania to a deadly fencing duel, metal conveys the intense, cold hardness for framing serious scenes. It is one of the best ways to frame a painting that has a difficult theme.

If you’re looking for inexpensive custom frames near Ft. Lauderdale or a picture frames’ shop in Coral Springs, options are everywhere. Local framers have lots of expertise in museum grade and custom-sized frames that can fit any art. Want to display some special art? Then make an appointment at a picture frames shop. In Coral Springs, it should be easy to find gorgeous, tastefully designed, inexpensive custom frames. Near Ft. Lauderdale and other Florida locations, fun, functional custom frames are a complement to any home.