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Why Custom Frames?

If you recently bought a piece of art you really like, you might think that custom framers aren’t worth the hassle. But consider the benefits of personalized picture frames before you write them off. Not only do the frames provide an aesthetic harmony between the room and the art, they also help preserve the work so that it maintains its value and sentimentality.

Custom framers have access to the kind of museum-quality photo mats and beautiful materials for a great frame. Photos, paintings, and sentimental pieces all deserve special treatment, whether they have monetary value—or are valuable just to you. If you’re looking to preserve a piece of art, personalized picture frames from custom framers are made with acid-free materials that won’t stain or discolor even the most fragile works.

Photo mats are of special concern. Historically, the acid-filled paper used for mats tended to degrade the artwork inside, but recently, high-tech types of paper have reduced the brown stains that appear with age. In fact, museum board is made entirely from cotton fiber. Suitable for pieces with a framed life of 75–100 years, it is the highest-quality matt available, and will preserve the most precious pieces for many generations.

The glass placed in frames is also important. While many types of traditional glass can shatter and puncture valuable art, fragile and valuable art can be framed with acrylic or laminated glass. While laminated glass is shatter-resistant, thanks to an interlayer that keeps the glass bonded even when broken, acrylic glass is naturally shatter-resistant. Though easily scratched, acrylic glass made from modified Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) is a transparent thermoplastic that can sustain significant impact forces.

A great frame is also personalized to the artwork itself. This can mean the visually perfect match of a contemporary frame with a piece of modern art by American masters, or an ornate wood frame for an antique landscape. Art conservation is a serious business, but conserving your own memorabilia is a great use for personalized framing services. If you’re looking to preserve military, school or family memorabilia to protect it from future harm, custom framers can use shadowboxes for perfect presentation.

If you’re living in Florida and have a piece of art you’d like to frame, photo or painting frames are easily available via local framers near Coral Springs. Framing stores near Ft. Lauderdale have access to some of the best framing materials in the business, and can furnish you with a frame worthy of a century of wear. Local framers near Coral Springs, and other framing stores near Ft. Lauderdale, can help you frame your artwork the way it deserves to be framed.