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About Custom Framing

The Main Parts

The three main components of a custom framing project are most often the frame, matboard, and glass. Each has their own set of considerations that need to be attended to in order to successfully and beautifully frame your piece. 

Stylistically, the selection of frame and matboard play the largest role with the type of glazing (glass or acrylic) being (mostly) a matter of protection and conservation.  

Frame Layers


What do you need to consider for each?

For frames, the depth of the piece plays a major role in deciding the type of frame you need. After that it becomes a matter of personal choice, design, and budget.

The specific matboard you go with often depends on the artwork itself and the frame you wish to put around it. An ideal matboard draws the eye to the piece serving to support and highlight its inherent beauty. Our design experts specializing in helping guide you towards selections and designs that will help your piece shine to its utmost.

In regard to the type of glazing, several factors come into play such as the need for UV protection, how likely the piece is to be damaged, and whether or not you prefer non-reflective glazing. We've tailored our selection of both glass and acrylic glazings to ensure that any combination of needs is able to be met.

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